July 26, 2016

Ravi B, Nesha B to perform at Mahaicony family fun day

The Mahaicony Park Square, on the East Coast of Demerara will definitely come alive on Sunday, August 7, when the inaugural family fun day and international show is held. The show is promoted by Fire Fest Production and will feature some of the biggest names in showbiz. These include reigning International Chutney Monarch, Ravi B, his sister Neesha B, Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo and Mahendra Ramkellwan.
Also to perform are Granny Ivelaw and the Fire Fest Dancers. Without a doubt, the chutney king is ready and hyped to perform at the event since it will be his first time performing in that part of the region. The versatile WR Reaz is expected to create some heat waves as well with his unique style of entertaining.
Tickets for the event cost $1500 and will be available shortly at locations on the East Coast of Demerara. The event is sponsored by Team MMR, Corona Beer and Comfort Sleep, among others. nesha b ravi b

August Fest heads to Anna Regina ground on August 13

Mahendra-Ramkellawan-1 imageThe Anna Regina Community Centre ground is the place to be on the event of Saturday, August 13, when Fire Fest Production hosts yet another massive event titled “August Fest International Show”.
The event which is already picking up some steam will see several chutney artistes taking to the stage to entertain their fans on the Essequibo Coast.
In the line-up to perform are Trinidad’s “Married Bachelor” Rick Ramoutar; his wife Sexy Vanessa; rising artiste Amit Sooknanan also out of Trinidad and Tobago; Anthony Batson, the man with the melodious voice of Sundar Popo; along with “Dem ah watch me” singer Mahendra Ramkellawan.
Adding some spice to the event will most definitely be the Fire Fest Dancers along with Granny Ivelaw. Popular radio and television personality, WR Reaz will also be hyping up the crowd as the emcee for the event.
Also, deejays and selectors from Essequibo’s number one music system, Prem’s Mega Sound, will be setting the tone for the evening, with some of the best music in all genre. Tickets for the event cost $1000 and are expected to be released shortly in the Cinderella County.
The event would not be possible without the participation of Corona Beer, Comfort Sleep, The Garage, Team MMR, Why Pay More Trading and Crown Vibes.


Top 10 songs for 2016 so far

It is almost eight months into the year and the songs are flying off the charts; there is certainly no disappointment in terms of music this year –save for Rihanna’s Anti album, which distressed fans all around the world after they waited four years for something substantial other than “work, work, work”.
All in all, the industry appears to be booming more than Hollywood, which has had more than its fair share of sloppy releases and criticisms. This week, Guyana Times Entertainment showcases some of the best hits for 2016 so far:

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake
Justin made an electric comeback in May with the release of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” . Surely this is one of the happiest songs of the year so far. It’s perfect for getting you up on a Monday morning.

“Work From Home” – Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony have crucified the Pussycat Dolls, with their upbeat, raw lyrics. “Work From Home” is all the evidence you need to say bye bye Pussycat Dolls. This song is upbeat and electrifyingly wicked.

“7 years” – Lukas Graham
After I first heard this song, it was on repeat for the rest of the week. The lyrics are in your face, forcing you to see the harsh reality of life. The saddest line is when he says he hopes his children would visit once or twice a month. This is truly a special song.
“Pillowtalk” – Zayn
Love, love, love! This song is certainly reckless and dirty. Let’s say Zayn proved everyone wrong with the release of this song. No one could doubt that he can make it to fame without boy band One Direction.

“Fast Car” – Jonas Blue
This is the winding down song of 2016; coming out of nowhere in January, this song is not going anywhere for a while. It is still on the charts.

“Cheap Thrills” – Sia
Who would have thought Sia would collaborate with Sean “Dutty” Paul to create something so stimulating. We definitely don’t need dollar bills to have fun with this song. Sia has thrilled us again and again with her electrifying lyrics.
“Light It UP” – Major Lazer
“Lean on me” clung to our eardrums last year but “light it up” has buried itself in our brains. This is deserving of the charts. However, it is time they find some new beats.

“Stitches” – Shawn Mendez
This song was the first number one song on the chart for 2016 and has been weathering the charts since. It is worthy of repeat. Nothing beats sad lyrics with an upbeat tempo.

“Work” – Rihanna
This song saved Rihanna’s Anti album and has blasted through earphones around the country.

“No” – Meghan Trainor
Let it go guys, this girl got her lyrics right. After a breakthrough hit “All About That Bass” in 2015, Trainor returned with a new smash hit “No”.
“If I want a man, then I’m gonna get a man,” says it all. Trainor might be the next Taylor.

“Soca on Water” for August 14

Boat cruises have taken on a new dimension over the years, featuring some of the wildest and craziest parties on top of the water, rough or calm. Come this August, the propellers on the MV Sabanto will be spinning a lot faster as Xtra Entertainment presents “Soca on Water” boat cruise. The date to remember is Sunday, August 14.
The cruise will leave the Parika Stelling, East Bank Essequibo at 09:00h and travel along the Essequibo River to Supenaam where it will Jumo Allison hindsdock for a short time before heading back to Parika.
However, the fun will not only include partying but for the first time, Barbados Soca Queen Allison Hinds will be performing live along with Guyana’s own Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo. They will be joined by one of the most hyped deejays in the United States, Deejay D’ Life.
The party gets louder with Super Cat and Stitchy One Man Bands adding some vibes to the excitement. In addition, the partygoers will also be entertained by Ramping Vibes, 71 Sound System, Skinny Hype and Platinum and no other than XTRA Beer General, Deejay Garwin.
The enjoyment starts when the engine of the boat revs and the music booms through the speakers. It is one event that you do not want to miss. Tickets will be released shortly and will be advertised in the press.

Guyanese fashion icon to host “Conversation and Clothing” this weekend at Queenstown

Beginning today, prominent designer and Guyanese fashion diva, Sonia Noel will host a four-day event titled “Conversation and Clothing” at Crown Street, Queenstown, Georgetown between 15:00h and 17:00h. The event culminates on Monday with a grand fashion extravaganza.
At the event, participants will be engaged in discussions on how they can enhance their personal wardrobe and more importantly, how to manage themselves when it comes to fashion. At the event also, participants will be served refreshments and will have a chance to sample Six Degree, a new wine bottled by Banks DIH Limited. It is the official beverage of the event.
Noel continues to motivate women through fashion, thus creating a new fashion trend in Guyana for the masses. Seven months into the year, the fashion icon is the recipient of three other awards for her commitment and dedication to the fashion industry, not only in Guyana, but also in the Caribbean and further afield. event 2 event 1
These awards include the Dolphin Award of Excellence presented by the the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club; The Female Social Entrepreneur Award 2016 by Global Innovation Press (GIP) in association with the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (CoESL) and she was recently honoured at a gala event to mark Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
In addition, Noel recently attended a conference in the US for women entrepreneurs and inventors which provided networking opportunities with women such as singer Dionne Warwick; actress Jasmine Guy, Kim Lavine (mommy millionaire) and talk show host, Maggie Lenton.
She was also afforded the privilege of being a special guest of the prestigious Network Journal 40 UNDER 40 Awards in Manhattan, New York.
Rosalind McLymont, Executive Editor of The Network Journal in her opening remarks praised the Guyanese fashion designer for the fantastic work she is doing in Guyana and the Caribbean. However, “Conversation and Clothing” will be taken to Atlanta on July 22, July 27 in New York, July 30 in Texas and August 14 in New Jersey.
Admission to “Conversation and Clothing” is absolutely free. Those interested in being a part of the event are asked to visit Sonia Noel Design facebook page and reserve your seats. Limited seating accommodations are available.

“The Legend of Tarzan” misses the vines and falls flat on its CGI face

David Yates’ “The Legend of Tarzan” got lost somewhere between the treetops and the fall to a big fat F. Alright, maybe not an F but a C minus. This film is undeniably one of the most disappointing adaptations of the original Tarzan.
Sure, there were some fantastic ape-yelling, vine-swing scenes but everything was so grim – even the green CGI could not salvage it. This movie killed every child’s vision of Tarzan being the funny, cool hip ape-man saving his lass from a menace that hates the ape world.
Now, the audience reaction to this contemporary Tarzan might be polarising, but everyone can admit Alexander Skarsgard was game –art-v3-background characterschest and abs. It is funny though, he looked more of a Calvin Klein model than an ape-man with a lot on his plate. A refined Tarzan? Yup – that is exactly what Yates and his screenwriters put us through in the cinema. Tarzan is a teacup drinking, sandwich loving Lord in England. There is no loincloth; instead our hero swings around in nice khaki pants while his far from 19th Century love Jane is a 20th century feminist.
The film is literally weighed down by a thematic load too much for a single movie to bite. The story is so stuffed with ideas of animal versus human conflicts, exploration v exploitation, and primitivism v civilisation that it deflates into jungle mess.
It just failed to compel and entertain like other Tarzans in the past. The story does not meet its audience emotionally although it attempts. There are a lot of flashbacks for the audience to bond with the character but the minute an atom of empathy, rises up they flash back to the future. So instead all they managed to do is defeat the crux of telling a gripping story.
Basically, the story is surrounded by elements that sort of just feel like an excuse to have Tarzan swinging around on vines while the elements of the story that do feel like they have more emotional weight are rushed and brushed aside.
It also revolting that the computer generated apes have more tension and life than the humans; it might as well have been an animated film. But not all is bad. The CI in the movie is fantastic; the apes were striking and excitingly real, while the scene when a pair of lions nuzzle Clayton is heart-melting.
Even though it is hard to fault Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films excellently, it is safe to say, the “Legend of Tarzan” has too much ambition, so much it flopped. Yates did great things with Harry Potter so this is indubitably a long fall from glory.
His Tarzan is too tame to be wild.

Digicel launches “Bring The Beat” Summer DJ competition

Digicel launched its dynamic competition called “Bring The Beat” summer DJ competition on Thursday, giving would-be participants a period of one week to register.
The launch of this Digicel competition is expected to connect passions that unite audiences and much more. It will be branded with the face of none other than Jumo Primo, Guyana’s popular Soca artiste.DIGICEL-420x277 digi
According to Digicel Head of Marketing, Jacqueline James, the registration period will begin today and close on Friday. July 22, 2016. Registration forms can be found on the company’s Facebook page.
This competition is aimed at targeting young aspiring DJs, both male and female, who are familiar with Serato and Virtual DJ as it will allow DJs to show their versatility, mixing skills, microphone skills and perform the music, not just play it.
The format of the competition will see all DJs having to do a live five minutes demo on set, which will be posted on social media (YouTube) where persons will vote for their favourite.
The elimination process will be a weekly one.
James noted that the prizes will consist of a Pioneer DJ console and over $1 million in cash and other gift items.

Former beauty queen records debut single

Former three-time beauty ambassador, activist and entrepreneur Ruqayyah Boyer is set to release her first single “Sunshine” on July 9.

“Sunshine”, which is the first single to be released off her debut EP is a more or less a pop love song with influences from dance pop, electro and some jazz.

The love song was written by Ruqayyah and produced by Simeon Browne of Wondamang Productions. It features in part Guyanese social commentary, dancehall and Soca artiste Kwasi “Ace” Edmondson and also former Ms United Kingdom 2013, Kirsty Heslewood.

The song speaks of romance and a young girl’s feelings for her significant other. The chorus – And I just want my ray of sunshine – repeats itself graciously before Kwasi “Ace” Edmondson belts out a metaphoricallyBoyer 2 infused response to what any lucky man with a good girl by his side would relay.

Ruqayyah states the role played by her colleague, former Ms United Kingdom Kirsty Heslewood will be featured in the visual release of the single which is currently scheduled to be completed and available for general viewing by mid-August.

Playing lead in the video will be Models Yohalanda Kerr and Kurt Nunes. The song is released in time for the holiday season and while Boyer states she has no set expectations of the musical number, she does feel a sense of accomplishment as she has always had a fear of completing a musical recording, strangely enough since the art form has always meant a lot to her growing up.

She expressed hopes of the song connecting with individuals who are in love, on a quest for love or about to find love and that if given the chance, they allow themselves to jam along.


“Nothing to Laugh About” 9

The National Cultural Centre will once again come alive on July 22 as the theatrical spectacular, “Nothing to Laugh About” is held from July 22-25. This will be the 9th edition of the play which has lived up to its name over the years.

Last year, the production rocked the NCC with four sold out shows forcing the franchise to facilitate two held-over shows.

As always, this year the show will straddle all the divides; be it politics, race or religion. Some of the skits areplay 1 satirical in nature and do not spare caricaturing anyone, there is no vindictiveness but just humour.

As the cast prepares for the big day, a team of scriptwriters, including Lyndon Jones, Maria Benschop, Sonia Yarde, Leza Singh, Michael Ignatius and Clemencio Godette, as well as Mark Kazim, Rochelle Christie, Clinton Duncan, Odessa Primus and Kwasi Edmondson are working around the clock to get the final product out for the public.

This year’s cast include Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones, Michael Ignatius, Kirwyn Mars, Chris Gopaul, Clemencio Goddette, Leza “Radika” Singh, Mark “Chiney man” Kazim, Leslyn Bobb-semple, Gerard Gilkes, Simone Persaud, Alana Craigen, Leon Cummings, Johann David, Mark Luke Edwards and Brian Goodman. The Stage Manager is Sonia Yarde.

Patrons are advised to be on time as the show will begin at 20:00h sharp. Tickets will cost $1000, $1500 and $2000 and are available at the box office. Dress code will be in effect.


Kirk Franklin

Seven-time Grammy Award winner, Kirk Dewayne Franklin will be performing live at the Guyana National Stadium on July 30 under the auspices of HYACINTH Skeete Ministries and Mavis Angela Mercy Missions Outreach.

The 46-year-old is an American gospel musician, choir director, and author. He is known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property and One Nation Crew (1NC), and has won multiple awards.gospel

Despite his strict religious upbringing, Franklin rebelled in his teenage years, and in an attempt to keep him out of trouble, his grandmother arranged an audition for him at a professional youth conservatory associated with a local university.

He was accepted and, while his life seemed to be on track for a while, the announcement of a girlfriend’s pregnancy and his eventual expulsion from school for behavioural problems proved otherwise.

Franklin studied music with Jewell Kelly and the Singing Chaparrals at Oscar Dean Wyatt High School. He was under her tutelage for music direction as she allowed him to be the pianist for the choir. After the shooting death of a friend, Franklin returned to the church, where he began to direct the choir once again.

However, the renowned gospel singer is expected to be joined by Kenise Etwaru from the United States and the Gonsalves Brothers. Tickets for the concert are now available at the M&M Snackette, Demerara Harbour Bridge, East Coast Demerara; Giftland Mall, Pattensen, Greater Georgetown; and Muslim Top Up, in Linden.

General tickets cost $2000 and $3000, while VIP tickets cost $10,000 and $15,000 and the VVIP tickets cost $15,000 and $20,000. Showtime is 18:00h but gates open from 15:00h.