October 28, 2016

Teenager arrested, new information surfaces

Even as Police continue to hold one man in connection with the Gangaram, East Canje, shooting last week, another suspect was on Monday taken into custody.
According to a police source, a teenager is now being questioning because he may have vital information.
Last Thursday the bullet riddled body of Ramnarine Itwaru called ‘Bill’, 38, a cattle farmer of Gangaram Settlement, was found on a dam in Canefield at Speculation.
The teenager arrested is also from Speculation.
It is believed that the man was executed over a land dispute. Police had earlier arrested Ramadolar Shamdundar also called ‘Arnold’ of Gangaram. He remains in custody and is the prime suspect in the murder of Itwaru.
Meanwhile, the dead man’s wife Kunti Hemraj also called ‘Rosie’ says she is now living in fear following her husband’s death.
She believes the police have the man who is responsible for her husband’s death but is fearful of being harmed by his relatives.
The woman explained that some of her husband’s cows were stolen some time back and Itwaru had accused the man, who is now in custody.
As investigations continue, the Major Crime Unity have taken the suspect to Georgetown as they try to piece together the events leading up to the fatal shooting.
It is expected that the teenager will provide information for further questioning of Shamdundar.
The slain cattle farmer was laid to rest over the weekend. He leaves to mourn a wife and an 11-year-old son.